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Spiffy Gear KYU-6 LED Light Bracelet

The KYU-6 are the award-winning Cine-Lights by Spiffy. They are amazingly compact, featherlight, and packed with features. These wrappable and wearable lights easily add a small, very bright key or accent light to your photos and videos. The KYU-6 can be used as a single light stick, a panel of three lights, or simply wrap it around fixtures, or as a wearable light for endless creative potential. It’s unique form factor can be used in many different creative ways to light up a product photo, a portrait, or even help as a special effect light.

 The The KYU-6 comes in a 95+ CRI bi-colour and a clean wavelength RGB version. Weighing less than 45 grams, they are amongst the lightest and smallest cinematic lights available. You can hide them just about anywhere.

This lightweight, versatile light is great to keep with you all the time, on hand (literally as a wrist wrap) or in your camera bag. It is so low impact, you can easily take it anywhere you go!

Don’t be fooled by the size though. The KYU-6™ is flexible and durable, as well as capable of delivering enough output to make it a great tool for adding interest to photos and video.

The KYU-6 has a rubber exterior, which not only makes it splash-proof but also protects it from dust and impacts. It is magnetic, and will stick to anything metal, but also comes supplied with several stick-on metallic disks so that you can easily attach it to non-metal surfaces, too. It has two threads for vertical or horizontal mounting and features its famous slap mechanism for wearing or mounting on just about any object.

 The Internal battery lasts for about an hour on maximum brightness but can potentially give you up to 8 hours of light at a lower setting. You can also connect the KYU-6 to a power bank to use for extended periods of time.

The minimal size of this light makes it perfect to use as a practical or effect light. For video productions, it can be placed in many different places to create accents or light up cramped scenes without getting in the way. It works well as a closeup light, but also as a small fill light. For photographers, the flexible form factor allows for the creative lighting of small objects and is brilliant for closeups and macro work, as well as providing some backlight bokeh for small subjects. In product photography, you can hide the light without any extra gear. Or have it in plain sight and integrate it into the scene. It is also great for things like light painting.

Its narrow 5mm profile and infinite mounting options make it a smart choice in small spaces like cars, helmets, lamps and lanterns, or adding a splash of light to food & beverage or product photography.

 It’s so nifty, you can also use it either as a small light to enhance your selfies or as an on-camera light for vlogging. It’s handy for using as a small practical light to replace light bulbs, or to light up a small dark corner on set that you can’t fit a big light into.

The KYU-6 also have some really solid practical uses, for example, as a wearable flashlight on or off set. It’s great to take with on those camping or hiking trips as it is  space-saving, long-lasting and rechargeable from a potable power bank. Lightweight but still bright, these lights will give you the ability to do any sport activity during low visibility hours. Wrap it around your wrist or your bike, pretty much anything. And for those unexpected outages, loadshedding, or even when your car breaks down,  it’s good to have a battery-powered light to give you the illumination that you need to deal with your emergency situation. Wrap the KYU-6 around your wrist or objects near you, or attach them to metals using the built-in magnet, or simply use it  to signal your location.

The Bi-colour features 95-CRI, which you can tune between 2700K-6500K and offers 5 effect options, including Breathing, Candle, Explosion, Red carpet, and a fast Strobe light. You can control the intensity of light within the effects. It features five levels of dimming, even on the effects, and nine levels of temperature.

The RGB version features five levels of dimming and 15 different colours. You can control the brightness as well with 5 brightness settings. The clean wavelength RGB LEDs deliver excellent colours and pleasing tones for both video and photo. It has a wide array of effects to fulfil your creative vision. The effects include Breathing, Police, Fire, TV and Fireworks.

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