About Us

Cine Photo Tools always brings the best international products to our domestic shores; combining a more global vision with local market insight, in order to keep up with industry and client needs. We strive to bring the most advanced products to South Africa in an industry driven by fast-changing technologies and innovation, Cine Photo Tools evolves as the industry does. The Cine Photo Tools team embrace a full customer satisfaction ethos. We want our customer’s buying experience to be as easy and well-facilitated as possible. Comprising of ex SA Camera members, our guys know their stuff! With years of both floor and online sales experience, their insight into the industry, products, trends and client service means you are always getting the best assistance possible to make that smart purchase decision.  Our staff also get the opportunity to attend specific training and conferences abroad to ensure full expert knowledge of the products we sell.  Our repairs department is headed by a serious tech-head. His knowledge of photographic/video equipment comes from a qualified background in engineering. Having done several courses, he specialises in broncolor repairs but certainly is not limited to it.

Meet The Team:

Lauren: Financial Director

Pieter: Technical Director

Kalan: Sales Manager

Jason: Sales

Miles: Website Developer