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Savage Paper Backdrops – The Difference

Image: Marnus Meyer

Why Seamless Paper?

Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper has been the industry standard of quality backdrops for professionals. They can be used for photographic — such as portrait, commercial and product — and video shoots alike. They are also great for other applications such as theatre productions, special event decorations, display banners, posters, and even video projection screens.

These Paper Backdrops are easily interchangeable to achieve different looks and feels, helping you get the most out of your shoot. With over fifty shades, there is no problem getting the exact colour, and no surprises or permanency. The paper is high-quality with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that belies its inexpensive price tag. They offer a smooth, non-reflective surface, just roll the paper down, and when you are done, simply roll it back up. Set up is convenient and quick, making them even fit for outdoor use.

The thick quality paper is sturdy, so you won’t get any kinks or creases. If the floor part does get ruined, simply cut it off and roll more of the paper down, even during the same session. The versatility these backgrounds offer is ideal for any shoot, so your creativity is never limited.

Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops are core-wound on a sturdy cardboard inner core for easy hanging from a backdrop stand or other support. Colours run from the basics to the exotic and just about anything in between. There are various sizes to choose from as well.

Looking for the most temperature-neutral greys? Try Stone Gray and Thunder Gray or our shade closest to an 18% gray card; Smoke Gray. (Please note that Seamless Paper is a dyed natural product and colour can vary slightly from batch to batch.)

The Savage Difference!

Established and Reputable

Family-run from the start, Savage is the gold standard for high-quality background paper from a company that has been perfecting photographic products since 1937.

Eco Friendly

Savage is committed to producing products that are environmentally friendly. Their paper products utilise on average 75% recycled fibre.

Company Ethics

Savage Seamless Paper is produced in their on-site plant in the USA. Savage is known for their family business atmosphere, and is committed to the highest working standards.

Cost Effective

Savage Seamless Paper is high-quality with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that belies its inexpensive price tag.

Savage Supports Animal Rescue & Welfare:

Cine Photo Tools is the South African distributor of Savage products. We have the largest selection of paper backdrops.

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