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Behind the Look: DP Roger Horrocks

Roger Horrocks, DP of the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher has been interviewed and had some of his clips featured on RED Digital Cinema’s Behind the Look: That Shot series. He chats about his filming history and how important shooting wildlife and its stories are for both filmmakers and audiences. The documentary has won more than 20 international awards, including an Oscar for Best Documentary Film and a Golden Panda Award.

My Octopus Teacher tells the story of filmmaker Craig Foster, who for almost a decade would take daily trips into the cold waters of False Bay, snorkelling in the kelp forests. While free-diving there, he encountered an octopus that would come to have a profound impact on him. He returned to her every day, documenting most of her short life cycle, forming a strong connection that would ultimately have a healing effect on him. During his journey, he invited Roger to join him in this extraordinary experience.

Roger is an Award-winning cameraman and has filmed underwater and aerial sequences for documentaries and features such as Our Planet and Blue Planet 2. He bought his first RED camera in 2015, a DSMC1 6K Epic Dragon, and still uses it today affirming in a social media post that “it is still creating luscious imagery that complements the potent 8K DSMC2 Helium. Tweaking the white balance of redcode raw footage in RedCineX to reveal the astounding colours of the silent world is undeniably one of my sweetest pleasures!”

Roger used a RED DRAGON to shoot scenes in  My Octopus Teacher.

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