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Make The Right Move with broncolor

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your camera, your outdoor lighting kit and have unique on-location shoot!

broncolor has created a tailored promotion for photographers on the go who need enough power to achieve flawless photographs.

The Move 1200 L is broncolor’s powerful battery power pack and the first choice for professional photographers who want a reliable power pack with two individually controllable outlets.

Whether you decide to go for the Move pack alone or for a complete kit, you will get more creative flexibility and more value for your money!

Did you know that a Move power pack is only 6 kghas two lamp connections and delivers full 1200 joules? The MobiLED head is the lightweight champion with only 1.7 kg and is entirely compatible with all broncolor light shapers.

  • 2 independent outlets.
  • 1200 joule output.
  • 170 flashes at full power with a single battery charge.
  • Impressive speed: a flash can be as short as 1/8500 s (t 0.1).
  • Extremely light MobiLED head with 30 W LED modeling light.

Special available until 31 May 2021 at Cine Photo Tools, the official broncolor distributor in South Africa:


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