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2 Best Backgrounds for Flattering Skin Tones

In portrait photography, your background should play a supporting role to your subject (background complementing foreground). To do this you need to flatter and accentuate your subject’s skin tone, especially when working with skincare or makeup brands. Enhancing without distracting from her/his features is a great way to strengthen a natural beauty concept.

Starting by selecting the right Savage seamless paper backdrop, and then modifying the tonality through your lighting setup and post-production processes, you can achieve a flattering background to complement your beauty model’s skin tone. Whether you blur your background, or use sharp, front-to-back focus, your background is vital to your final image.

Watch veteran portrait photographer, Lindsay Adler, as she selects her go-to seamless paper backdrops and adjusts them to flatter skin tones for any campaign. Find out which two Savage paper colours are her absolute must-haves for lighter and darker skin tones.

In the video, we not only have great behind-the-scenes footage, but we also get to see the versatility of paper backdrops, and how they can be used to support many different looks depending on how you choose to light them and your subject.

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