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NANLITE:  Brilliant LEDs for Every Production

Cine Photo Tools is an official South African reseller of NANLITE products.

NANLITE produces award-winning high-quality, high-output lights at affordable prices, making content creation more approachable and diverse than it’s ever been. Catering to all creatives, projects that could only be accomplished by large studios and huge budgets are now in reach of anyone with a vision and the desire to turn it into reality. Whether you need creative colourful lighting or high-powered spotlights, NANLITE has it all with its wide range of video and photo LED lighting.

Although NANLITE only officially launched in 2019, the people behind it at NanGuang have been hard at work designing and building LED lighting for video production and photography for over 30 years. NANLITE is the next evolution in their quest to create the ultimate range of LED Solutions which includes Monolights, Panels, Fresnels, Tubes, Wands, and Accessories. What gives NANLITE the edge over many of its competitors is that products are made in -house at the NanGuang facility, which allows the company to closely monitor the quality and consistency of its products. 

With so many lighting brands out there competing with each other, you might assume that NANLITE is just another part of a giant, faceless corporation, but NanGuang is a family-owned business that has grown from modest beginnings. Started by Lin BiGuang in 1992 with the goal of creating a better LED light, what followed was a relentless pursuit by a team of incredibly dedicated engineers and product designers, to make the best range of continuous LED lights possible with an obsession to quality and details.

NanGuang is not only passionate about their NANLITE systems, but also committed to listen to clients — and the industry at large — to keep creating high quality lights at affordable prices. This commitment to understanding customer needs has allowed them to develop an award-winning product range, which has gained several international accolades.

“Over the past three decades we have worked together, to create a brand which can compete on a world stage,” continues Nancy, “We are delighted to have formed a global family, where we are able to, listen, understand and share ideas, as we develop products which directly support the creativity of our customers.”

–  Nancy Zheng, Managing Director

For Creatives working in the video, photo, beauty or content creation community, there is a powerful and convenient NANLITE system to match that gives power to your production and lets you experiment and create with ease. Since you have complete control over placement, adjustment, and colour temperature, you get to execute your vision just right. They are available in an extensive range of colour temperatures and intensities to match any environment.

Not just aimed at the video market, a lot of the NANLITE range has been developed with photographers in mind. For instance, they come with tungsten or daylight-balanced, and a few have RGB modes, as well. 

Some of our favourite NANLITE products:

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