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SUN-MOVER: Your ultimate focusable flat light modifier.

The SUN-MOVER is a flexible and versatile light-shaping tool by Sunbounce.

There are many pop-up reflectors on the market, but the SUN-MOVER has a significant edge over them. Most of these kinds of reflectors bend or blow in the wind, making them flimsy and unmanageable, while giving you very little control over where the light is being reflected. The SUN-MOVER is just the opposite. The SUN-MOVER is made of a super stiff material that keeps the reflector skintight over its oval design. It sports two sturdy built-in handles which, along with a frame made of German spring steel and elastic hem, create the “PERMA-TENSE” effect which keeps the reflective screen under permanent tension, giving you that extra confidence in windy conditions. This spring frame also makes it easy to fold up within seconds to 1/3rd of its size; just pop it in its bag for convenient transportation. You can take this powerful light-shaper anywhere, and knowing you have it in your bag to use at any time — or even just as as a back-up — gives you assurance you need to create perfect light anywhere anytime.

It’s not just its durability that allows the SUN-MOVER to outclass the rest. The real unique feature of this modifier is that handles allow you to control the focus or hardness of the reflected light by bending the screen. This means that the reflection area can be adjusted to be concave or convex to create hard, neutral, or soft light qualities, thus allowing you to create a hard spotlight, neutral light, or a soft wide light.

Use your SUN-MOVER to control the quality of light and redirect it into darker areas. With the SUN-MOVER, no extra lighting or crew is required. In fact, due to its lightweight design, handles and permanent tension, you can hold the SUN-MOVER in your hand while shooting, or mount it on a stand.

This is your ultimate on the go, powerful but compact reflector for both photographers and videographers. Easy to travel with, fast set up, durable and versatile, what more could you need? Sturdy, Sunbounce quality guaranteed.

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