Tether Tools TetherBlock (Select)


There are different TetherBlock versions available: one for Arca-compatible (quick release) tripod plates and one for non Arca-compatible (standard) tripod plates. Choose an option that suits your workflow.


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This TetherBlock has been specifically manufactured to prevent a cable from being unintentionally tugged out of your camera – subsequently protecting your data transfer as well as your camera’s ports.

It’s designed with multiple pathways to cater for either a thin, medium, or thick cable. Simply weave your cable through the appropriate pathway, plug it into the desired port and secure the TetherBlock to your camera using a coin or screwdriver. It will seamlessly attach to the bottom of your camera via the 1/4″-20 slotted screw, securing your cable with minimal impact on your camera’s form-factor. This TetherBlock also features the necessary attachments to thereafter mount to a tripod plate. Now you’ll be able to safely tether while you shoot hand-held and still have the option of mounting your camera to a tripod.

This TetherBlock will allow you to shoot tethered with peace of mind as the secured cable can’t be suddenly ripped out – causing an interruption in your data transfer or damaging your camera’s data ports (which are often expensive to repair). Not only will this TetherBlock keep your cable secure but thanks to its rubber padding, it will maintain a fixed grip onto the bottom of your camera.

Made of a single piece of precision-milled T5 aerospace aluminium alloy, this jerk-stopping port protector is not only compact, but highly durable and lightweight – ensured by the Tether Tools LIFETIME WARRANTY*.

*Normal wear and tear are not covered under the warranty policy.


  TetherBlock MC TetherBlock QR Plus (Arca Swiss)
Camera Attachment Male 1/4″-20 thread mounts directly to bottom of camera
Tripod Attachment either a 1/4″-20 (for the tripod plate) or 3/8″ thread mount directly on tripod Arca-style quick release tripod heads or tripod mount plate via a 1/4″-20 thread mount
Cable Compatibility Multiple channels accept thick, medium or thin cables
Additional Grip Non-slip friction pads prevent camera twist
Female Threading Dual 1/4″-20 female accessory threads for direct connection to a 1/4″-20 mount
Colour Black Grey
Made in the USA
Please note that this will not work with the Real Right Stuff L Bracket


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