Lightstar Lightman 2500W/4000W Parlight Kit


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*Bulbs not included

This is the 2500W/4000W Lightman Parlight – a powerful HMI lamp head, utilizing an integrated reflector and the 2500W/4000W Electronic Ballast to produce optimum 5600K light. It can produce everything from a strong spot over a distance of 25m to a super flood light, spread up to 15.3m wide. Order this 2500W/4000W Lightman Parlight and add a powerful light source to your gear.

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Lamps HMI 2.5/4KW 115V/200W G38G38
UV Lens 250mm
Colour Temperature 5600K
Dimensions 800H x 560W x 540L
N.W. 23.5kg


Illuminance (Lux)

Projection distance (m) 15 20 25
No Lens
Output (Lux) 102500 45530 25688
Diameter (m) 0.9 1.4 1.7
Output (Lux) 56780 25230 14188
Diameter (m) 1.3 1.7 2.5
Narrow Flood: 11°x29°
Output (Lux) 22376 9967 5570
Diameter(m) 1.9×3.4 2.9×5.2 3.9×6.8
Flood: 19°x39°
Output (Lux) 7767 3488 1998
Diameter(m) 3.3×7.2m 5.0×10.8m 6.7×14.5
Super Flood: 41°
Output (Lux) 4022 1768 1025
Diameter(m) 7.6 11.2 15.3
Frosted fresnel 39°
Output (Lux) 2638 1178 668
Diameter(m) 7.2 10.8 14.4


Electronic Ballast

Input Power 4650VA (max)
Input Voltage 180-250VAC
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 26-19A
Power Factor Cos ∮ ≈ 0.98
Output power 2500W/4000W constant control
Matched Power Identifying automatically 2.5KW or 4KW lamphead
Dimming 50%-100%
Output current Square wave. 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 75 Hz, 300 Hz
Strike Cold start and hot restrike
Light fluctuation ≤ 3%
Dimensions 260W x 360H x 450L (mm)
N.W. 19.8kg
IP class IP22
Compliance CE


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