Lightstar 9000W Airlite

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*Bulbs not included

With this Lightstar 9000W Airlite, you’ll have your own “little sun”, as it’s specifically designed to replicate daylight for outdoor shoots. Utilizing an HMI Fresnel, a high-yield power system and soft diffusing cloth, this balloon light will enrich any scene with a natural shadow-free illumination. This Airlite is resistant against UV damage, boasts automatic air regulation and can be set up in a mere 30 minutes. For your own “little sun” and the best way to light an outdoor shoot, order this Lightstar 9000W Airlite.


Diameter 2800mm x 3800mm
Approximate Operation Height 10 – 20m
Set-up Time 30 Minutes
Interior Pressure 500-1000 Pa
Lamp Type MSR 9000W
Lamp Power 9000W
Input Voltage 230V
Lamp Holder G38
Lamp Life 750 hrs
Illumination Zone 4000m­­2
Maximum Photometry 5200 Lux (5m Distance)
Colour Temperature 5600K



Wind speeds no more than 50km/h
Rainfall no more than 12 hours of no more than 5mm


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