Used PhaseOne V-Grip


Condition: 8/10 = Shows some signs of use but very clean

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The XF V-Grip is designed with a quick release system that makes it quick and easy to add or remove the grip from the XF camera body when necessary. The design incorporates an Arca-Swiss compatible mounting adaptor and L-Bracket, making it easy to mount the XF camera body on a tripod in both portrait and landscape position.

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The supplied hand strap ensures that the XF Camera System can be operated without fear of dropping, and provides extra support to the wrist. You can attach the hand strap to the XF V-Grip whether it is mounted on the XF camera or not.

Using Buttons and Dials
The XF V-Grip Shutter Release Button, Front Dial, Rear User Button and Side Dial mirror their functions and the customization that you may have assigned to the dials and buttons on the XF Camera System. You can configure these on the XF Camera System Control Setup menu, accessed by selecting the Rear Key > UI Setup > Control Setup.

These are the primary functions that are assigned to the buttons and dials by default:
• Shutter Release Button Half-press activates AF and metering systems.
• Front Dial adjust the shutter speed.
• Side Dial adjust the aperture value.
• Rear User Button activate the camera’s AE-L (Auto Exposure Lock) function.


Built and designed for PhaseOne cameras.


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