Sunbounce Big Sun-Swatter with Translucent 2/3 Screen Kit



Big Sun-Swatter Frame (6 x 8′)

Big Translucent 2/3 Screen (6 x 8′)

Shoulder Bag

2-Year Limited Warranty


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The Sunbounce Sun-Swatter is mobile shade on a pole–ideal for shading a model (or models) in bright sunlight without cumbersome set-ups for each shot. The Big Sun-Swatter with Translucent 2/3 Screen (6 x 8′) from Sunbounce includes the lightweight, collapsible 6 x 8′ (1.8 x 2.4 m) aluminum frame, a translucent 2/3 screen which transmits a small amount of light while diffusing and softening it, and a shoulder bag to carry the kit. With the Sun-Swatter, the model’s movements can easily be followed by one person holding the lightweight scrim on a boom-type pole (not included) that extends to about 11′ (3.35 m). The frame holds the screen taut, ensuring consistent light modification. Pole and grip head not included.

  • Extreme stability–the frames can be quickly disassembled, are made of the highest-quality aluminum and are extremely stable, even in windy conditions
  • Top-quality materials–all reflector screens are manufactured using the world’s most high-quality reflective and translucent materials
  • Reliability–the Sunbounce system allows every conceivable lighting situation to be perfectly controlled–even strong wind is manageable
  • Lightweight
  • Mobility–the system can be quickly disassembled and is so light that you can take it anywhere


Application area: Diffuser/ Soft Reflector
Max. Width seamless: 505cm/ 17‘
Fire Protection: The unique quality is provided by DIN 4102 B1 and flame resistant.

Do not use near fire or heat sources

Colour: WHITE
Colour temperature: WHITE neutral without optical brightener.
Character: Softens the light
Structural change: Reduces the light / shadow contrast can be seen

Shadows are still clearly present

Light output*: -2/3 f-stop
Special feature: Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light


*Light cannot be enhanced without a physical loss of light.


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