SmallRig Ball Joint Magic Arm ARRI Anti-Twist to NATO


SmallRig Magic Arm 2116 features two ballheads on the ends, with one ballhead with Arri locating pins and the other ballhead with NATO clamp.
Ballhead with Arri locating pins could be mounted with a camera cage or monitor cage with Arri locating points. It prevents magic arm from twisting, thus it increases the stability and security of a magic arm. It comes with a thumbscrew to lock the cage tight manually, or even tighter with the use of the hex spanner.
Ballhead with NATO clamp is compatible with built-in NATO rail on camera cage or monitor cage directly.
It could attach the side or top of the camera cage on the one end, while it could attach the side or top of the monitor cage on the other end.
Two ballheads come with rubber cushions that could increase the friction between ballhead and ballhead clamp, thus ensuring firm locking.

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Key Features
  • Adjustable Ball Heads on Both Ends
  • 1/4″-20 Screw on One End
  • NATO Clamp on Other End
  • 5.5″ Long, Load Capacity: 3.3 lb
  • Thumbscrews for Easy Mounting
  • Rubber Padding to Protect Gear
  • Large Locking Lever to Secure Ball Heads
  • Aluminum Construction


1 x Ballhead with Arri Locating Pins 2114
1 x Ballhead with NATO Clamp
1 x Ballhead Clamp
1 x Hex Spanner


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