Lightstar 2500W/4000W Gorgeous Parlight Kit


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NB: Bulbs not included!

(Actual Product comes with Blue accent)

This 2500W/4000W Gorgeous Parlight, utilizing its parabolic aluminium reflector, pumps out 5600K light over a distance of up to 25m with a spread of up to 14.4m. It combines the power of a spot light with the effect of a parabolic reflector to light up any scene, beautifully. With its adjustable focusing knob, it’s great light for any professional production. Order yours now.


2.5W/4KW ParlightUV Lens

Lamps HMI 2.5KW/4KW 115V/200V G38/G38
Colour temperature 5600K
Dimensions 841Hx520Wx555L(mm)
Weight 25kg
UV Lens 347mm UV
IP Rating IP23
Compliance CE
Barndoors 405mm (4-leaf)
Diffuser frame NONE
Stand LS-06
Electronic Ballast EB 2.5KW/4KW
Extension cable 7.5m or 15m



Projection distance (m) 15 20 25
No Lens
Output (Lux) 102500 45530 25688
Diameter (m) 0.9 1.4 1.7
Output (Lux) 56780 25230 14188
Diameter (m) 1.3 1.7 2.5
Narrow Flood: 11°x29°
Output (Lux) 22376 9967 5570
Diameter(m) 1.9×3.4 2.9×5.2 3.9×6.8
Flood: 19°x39°
Output (Lux) 7767 3488 1998
Diameter(m) 3.3×7.2m 5.0×10.8m 6.7×14.5
Super Flood: 41°
Output (Lux) 4022 1768 1025
Diameter(m) 7.6 11.2 15.3
Frosted fresnel 39°
Output (Lux) 2638 1178 668
Diameter(m) 7.2 10.8 14.4


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