broncolor Light Grid 40° for Para 222


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– High-quality Fabric Design

– Tightens Light Beam

– Gives You Directional Control

– Folds for Compact Storage


This broncolor Light Grid 40° for Para 222 will help you tighten your modifier’s beam to 40°, perfect when lighting portrait and fashion subjects. It sets a limit on unappealing light spill while increasing directional control of your light projection. You’ll even be able to adjust contrast by focusing your light fixture along the reflector’s inner rail.

You’ll enjoy the gentle but precise light management this broncolor Light Grid 40° for Para 222 provides.

The fabric grid can be folded down to a significantly smaller size for easy storage and transport.


Material of Construction Fabric
Angle of Light Beam 40°
Compatibility Para 222 parabolic reflector
Diameter Approximately 222 cm


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