Bright Tangerine Mini AXL (Sony FX6)

This Mini Axl kit contains everything you need to replace the original mount for your Sony FX6 monitor, adding flexible positioning, drag adjustment and sag-free support for the FX9 Loupe.


Folding NATO Rail

Monitor Holder

15mm Rod Mount

NATO Rotating Bar.

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  • Adds an articulating NATO rail on to the Sony FX6 Top Handle
  • Flexible monitor positioning with drag adjustment
  • Replaces the original Sony FX6 monitor bracket
  • Supports the weight of the FX9 Loupe and maintains horizon level
  • Monitor can be folded & stowed away for transport

This kit comes complete with everything you need to use your Sony FX6 monitor with the Mini Axl. It is designed to be compact while adding flexibility in how you want to position the monitor. The NATO rail can be attached to the front or rear Sony 8T point on the handle.

The extension rail mounts to the 15mm rod clamp, allowing it to pivot 360-degrees. The arm can then be rotated for extra height or reach, and can be folded flat when not in use. The removable orange threaded cap prevents the rail from falling out, while a removable stud provides a safety stop for attached accessories.

You can adjust the amount of drag on the tilt-axis by using the locking screw, capable of supporting the weight of the FX9 loupe.

The monitor holder is custom matched to the FX6 monitor, with a 3/8” thread for attaching to the included 15mm rod mount or other accessories.

When transporting the camera, the monitor can be folded into the stowed position.


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