Bright Tangerine Follow Focus Gear (0.8 Mod; 43 Tooth; 6mm)

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The Revolvr Gear 0.8 43 Tooth with 6mm Face from Bright Tangerine features a 0.8 Mod, which allows it to interface with lenses that feature a cine-style geared focus, zoom, or iris ring. It works with either of the swing away arms for the Revolvr or Revolvr Atom follow focus units.

The gear features 43 teeth and a small diameter yet wide profile suitable for use with primes and zoom lenses. The 6mm width (or thickness) makes it especially suitable for use with lenses that experience some focus travel. In addition, the width allows you some flexibility in placing your follow focus.


Material of Construction Delrin and stainless steel
MOD 0.8
Number of Teeth 43
Face Width 0.2″ / 6 mm


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