Bright Tangerine Follow Focus Cine Swing Arm (1:1.842 Ratio)

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This Bright Tangerine Follow Focus Cine Swing Arm features a 1:1.842 gear ratio and is designed to work with the Revolvr Lightweight or Revolvr Atom Core Bridge (not included). The Swing Arm transfers the focus movements from the handwheel mounted on your core bridge to the drive gear that interfaces with your lens. The swing arm mounts to your core bridge with a single screw, and pivots to adjust for the diameter of your lens.

You can mount the Swing Arm on either side of your core bridge’s drive transmission to match the position of your lens’s focus gear. Designed specifically for the Revolvr and Revolvr Atom core, the Swing Arm accepts Bright Tangerine drive gears and the reversing gear. It features a tension adjustment roller to eliminate backlash.


Material of Construction Anodized aluminum, stainless steel
Compatibility Industry standard drive gears
Bright Tangerine 0.8 mod 10-tooth reverse gear


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