Bright Tangerine DJI Extended Dovetail for RED KOMODO

Mount your RED KOMODO® onto the DJI Extended Dovetail for faster transitions between the gimbal & tripod setups. The extended length assists with balancing on gimbals and features a slot to support lens adapters. The dovetail is designed to be paired with the LeftField RED KOMODO Baseplate (DJI/Zhiyun).

• Compatible with DJI RS 2 & RSC 2 gimbals

• 145mm (5.7″) length provides ample fore/aft range

• Extremely lightweight at only 110g (3.8oz)

• Slot cut out for securing lens adapter mounts with 1/4″ or 3/8″ screws

• Laser etched indicators to preset balance configurations

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This DJI Extended Dovetail is designed for the RED KOMODO®. It lets you seamlessly move from the LeftField baseplate to a handheld gimbal, without having to swap out dovetails or remove any accessories. Specifically made for gimbal use, it features an extended 145mm (5.7″) plate to provide ample fore/aft range when balancing and a slot to secure lens adapter mounts.

Rigid support in any situation

The dovetail connects to the camera using a 3/8″ & 1/4″ screw. The integrated anti-twist wings mate with the locating indents on the RED KOMODO. This prevents the camera from twisting on the plate. Rubber pads on the top of the dovetail also add extra grip. Our engineering team have machined out any excess weight, resulting in an extremely lightweight dovetail at only 110g (3.8oz). The front of the dovetail features 3x M4 threaded holes which can be used with the DJI Focus Motor Mount Kit. This lets you keep your focus motor setup, even when releasing from the baseplate.

Made for: When paired with the DJI/Zhiyun Riser & LeftField Universal Baseplate, the RED KOMODO is placed at the correct 15mm LWS height standard. Designed for the DJI/Zhiyun Baseplate for RED KOMODO & DJI gimbals.

No Compromise

Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. Every RED KOMODO DJI D Extended ovetail comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.


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