Bright Tangerine 114-95mm Threaded Adaptor Ring (ENG Lenses)

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114 mm – 95 mm Threaded Adaptor Ring for ENG wide angle lenses – 4.3mm Canon – 4.5mm Fujinon – etc is an optional accessory that is designed to fit these specific broadcast lenses to our industry standard 143mm Rubber donut with 114mm metal threaded ring.

It effortlessly attaches and detaches itself from your lenses and also provides additional light protection.

The threaded adapter ring is easy to use and store and can be utilized in any condition to make sure you are always ready, irrespective of the shooting conditions.

This threaded adaptor ring is built from high grade Delrin to ensure your set up remains light and provide you with maximum durability.

In case you need spares, you don’t have to worry because we aim to dispatch them within 48 hours.


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