Bower 82mm Variable Neutral Density Filter


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This Bower 82mm Variable Neutral Density Filter gives you more control of the light entering your lens – freeing you to choose more creative aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed settings.

If you’re shooting in bright conditions and desire a shallow depth of field, this filter will let you use a wide aperture (which would otherwise cause overexposure).

Alternatively, if you want to add motion blur to a bright scene, such as to smooth rushing water, this filter will let you use a slower shutter speed (which would otherwise cause overexposure).

This Variable ND Filter hosts a rotatable dial to adjust its light-blocking strength, ranging from 2 to 8 stops.

This filter is essential for photographers capturing landscapes and architecture plus you’ll definitely enjoy adding mystical motion blur to waves, clouds, people, cars and other moving objects you capture.



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