broncolor Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Siros L


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This rechargeable lithium battery is designed especially for the awesome Siros L.

All the Siros L’s power is contained within this single lithium-ion battery. Only a few centimetres in size and weighing a mere 0.6kg, this battery will allow the Siros 800 L to produce up to 220 full-power flashes and the Siros 400 L to produce up to 440 full-power flashes. Three LEDs indicate battery life. Once discharged, the battery can be charged and ready to go again in only 70 minutes. Implementing the latest advances in lithium-ion technology, this battery offers the shortest charge time for its resulting power. Built to follow the Siros L into the toughest shoots, it will survive temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius and up to a scorching 60 degrees Celsius. The Siros L is designed in such a way that this battery can be efficiently removed and inserted, using only one hand. Order yours today and harness the power of the Siros L, for even longer.


Amp-Hours 2.5 Ah
Capacity (Wh) 72 Wh
Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Flashes Per Charge 440 Flashes (Full Power)


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