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    Gear that can be traded:

    • Camera lenses, Macro, Zoom, Fixed Focal
    • Cine Lenses
    • DSLR Cameras, Mid to High End
    • Broadcast Video
    • Flashes
    • Lighting

    Following Brands, we can trade

    • Canon
    • Nikon
    • Sigma
    • Broncolor
    • Kino Flo
    • Samyang

    Trade in are valued based on these criteria

    • Product Age
    • Last Retail price
    • Cosmetics
    • Working Condition

    We will do the utmost to determine the working condition of the trade- in product, if this is not possible we will use a repair agent to determine the working condition of the product.

    The Condition of the trade in gear will be determine by these factors.

    We work on a rating system. Anything below this rating we usually do not buy in. Equipment is rated according to the following cosmetic scale:

    •   Demo -never used – used for display or demonstration only
    •   10 – Pre-owned but appears as new
    •   9- Shows Little or no signs of use
    •   8 -Shows signs of use but very clean
    •   7- shows moderate wear or finish marks
    •   6- well used- may show signs of dings
    •   5 –  Shows well used more than average wear

    Included accessories also gets taken into account. 

    How can Gear be traded in

    • At our Store located as 47 De Villiers Road, Zonnebloem, Cape Town
    • If you reside outside of Cape Town, please contact Sales on 021 462 6933 or email with a list of your Used Gear for an estimate quote. If the estimate is accepted, please package and post your Used Gear to our physical address below. Once the gear has arrived, we will do a physical examination and assessment, then respond with a final quote after testing.
    • If you reside in Cape Town, please bring your Used Gear in for a proper assessment and quote.
    • By Contacting our Sales Team on 021 462 6933 or,  an estimate will be supplied by our sales team which will be valid for 7 days. Cine Photo Tools will only confirm the quote once the goods have been properly inspected and checked in conjunction with our evaluation criteria. Once the quote is accepted the gear will be shipped to Cine Photo tools.
    • Once the Gear has been received the condition will be confirmed as per the client description and quote confirmed.
    • If the description provided is accurate, we will transfer the funds into your bank account.
    • Should the gear not meet the standards as the quote received, and the condition is not as described, this quote be modified to that of the condition of the gear. We will contact you to either modify or rescind our initial offer, with explanation for doing so.
    • If the client does not accept the new quote he/she will be responsible for the courier fee
    • Quotations are valid for 7 days and will be confirmed once goods have been viewed and tested in accordance with our assessment criteria.
    • If the client is happy with our quotation, he/she can choose to be paid via one of the following ways:
    • Trade-in credit for use on new equipment
    • Electronic transfer into your bank account (Payments may take 7 to 10 days to clear)
    • Please package goods safely and insure your parcel, Cine Photo Tools will not be held responsibility for lost or damaged goods incurred during shipping. If goods are received and found not in working order we will contact you immediately.

    Physical Address:
    47 De Villiers street
    Zonnebloem; Cape Town


    • Payment will be done Via EFT for all gear or a credit note will be issued against the purchase of new gear

    Warranty and Returns

    • All used gear carries a 3-month warranty excluding a condition of 5 which has no warranty
    • All trade gear will have a 5-day return policy.
    • Cine Photo Tools must be made aware of damage or missing items within two working days.
    • All returned merchandise must be in the same condition as sold, with all included accessories. If they are not, Cine Photo Tools reserves the right to refuse the return.
    • If payment was made by credit card, once we receive the product we will credit your account. Please allow 7-10 days for a credit to appear on your credit card statement. 

    Information required in order to facilitate a trade in 

    By Law we require the following:

    • Valid South African ID, Passport or Driver License
    • Valid address and contact number
    • All Sales persons responsible for the trade of gear will document all details in the register
    • Please ensure clear copies are made of the original ID, Passport or Drivers license

    Internal Procedure

    • When gear is brought in for a possible trade is important to find out where the gear was purchased if possible to determine if the gear was stolen
    • The gear will be checked to see if all serial numbers are intact and of course in good working order
    • If for any reason one suspects this to be stolen Contact Officer Van De Venter 021 467 8060
    • Once it has been verified the goods are not stolen it can be tested to see if in good working condition
    • Once the gear has been tested we can then determine the Cosmetics of the gear we can then make an offer based on the trade-in buying guide
    • Once an offer is agreed upon the details of the trade can then be recorded into the register
    • The details of the client would appear in the register
    • Date bought, ID number, Name and Surname, Contact # Landline If possible, Description of Gear, Serial #’s copy of ID or Passport, Driver License
    • If gear is sold the following info needs to entered into the register, Name & Surname, Date Sold, Serial # Copy of ID, contact number

    Selling or trading your used photographic gear in at Orms is a hassle-free and safe way of upgrading to the latest model or receiving some cash back for your old equipment.

    At Orms, you will be offered a fair value for your Used Gear. To get your second-hand equipment valuated, you can either bring your gear in personally to one of our two stores, or you can send us a list of the items you wish to sell.

    The Procedure

    Selling or trading in your Used Gear at Orms has never been easier! Simply follow these two easy steps:

    1. Bring/send in your gear

    Cape Town & surrounds

    If you’re based in Cape Town or the surrounding area, then bring your gear in at one of our retail locations: Orms Cape Town or Orms Bellville. We’ll inspect your gear and give you a valuation on the spot.

    Outside Cape Town and rest of South Africa

    Can’t visit the shop in person? No problem. Phone our Used Gear department, on 021 469 1967 during business hours, and they will provide you with an estimate based on your description of your goods. Alternatively, you can email a list and description of your items to for an estimate.

    If you are happy with the estimate, then courier your equipment to the physical address below. Remember to package your items safely, and make sure your shipment is insured. The last step is very important, as Orms can not accept responsibility for damage incurred to your items during shipping – please see the terms and conditions. Please include your name, contact number and a certified copy of your ID, inside the package.

    Courier your gear to:
    Orms Pro Photo Warehouse
    Attn: Used Gear Department

    Shop 5, Roeland Square, Corner of Roeland Street and Upper Canterbury Street, Cape Town, 7925.

    Contact: 021 465 3573

    Can’t make it to the post office or courier company? We’ve got you covered. For a nominal fee, we can have our couriers collect the goods from your home or office. As mentioned before, please remember to package your items safely.

    Once we receive and inspect your used gear, we will contact you with an official quote.

    2. Receive payment

    If you are happy with our quotation, you can choose to be paid via one of the following ways:
    Trade-in credit for use on new equipment
    Electronic transfer into your bank account (Payments may take 7 to 10 days to clear)
    Orms Gift Vouchers

    Additional requirements

    By law, the trade in or sale of used products in South Africa requires proof of identity. If you visit our store with your Used Gear, please remember to bring your South-African ID, South-African Driver’s license or Passport document along. If you are sending your items to us, please include a certified copy of your identification document.

    We’ll also need a few other details, such as your residential address, but we’ll take these down in the store or when you contact us.

    Our Used Gear warranty and rating system

    All Used Gear we sell is tested and sold in working order and is covered by a 6 month warranty.

    We work on a rating system. Ranging from 10-5, usually anything below that we do not buy in. We rate the equipment according to the following cosmetic scale:

    10Pre-owned equipment, but appears as new.
    9Shows little or no signs of wear.
    8Shows signs of use, but very clean.
    7Shows moderate wear or finish marks.
    6Well used – may exhibit “dings”, finish marks.
    5Shows considerable amount of use.

    The technicians also check if there is no sand / grit in the lenses or bodies. The condition of the viewfinder and sensor also gets checked out. They run through general functions of the camera to make sure it’s working properly. The memory card readers are checked and connections to the board will be tested. Basic functions such as the pop up flash, USB transfer, LCD screen, batteries and chargers will also be checked.

    The accessories included with the camera also gets taken into account.

    Tips and advice for selling or trading in your Used Gear

    Remember your battery and charger – we can’t accept used cameras without these accessories. Look after your equipment, and keep it clean.
    While we do not pay higher prices for lens filters, lenses protected by filters might show less signs of wear and stay cleaner for longer.
    Whenever possible, trade your gear in before updated models become available.
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    Terms and Conditions

    The price we quote is valid for up to 14 days.
    We only trade in digital SLR’s and digital SLR lenses. No point-and-shoot cameras.
    A Higher value for your gear will be considered upon trading in towards new or used gear.
    Your equipment will be inspected in the order that it was received.
    If the description you provided is accurate, we will transfer the funds into your bank account. If we find that the condition of your equipment is not as you described, we will contact you to modify or rescind our offer and explain the reason for doing so.
    If we do not reach an agreement, we will immediately return your equipment at our expense, fully insured.
    Orms, or its employees, does not accept any responsibility for damage to your equipment, malfunction of your equipment or loss of equipment that occurred during transit.
    Upon arrival at Orms, your equipment will be inspected immediately, and if any damage or malfunction is found, we will contact you.