Westcott X-Drop Lightweight Vinyl Backdrop (Smooth Concrete)


The 5 x 7′ Westcott X-Drop Vinyl Backdrop, in a smooth concrete, is the ideal solution for all types of photography, including 3/4-length portraits, headshots, couples, families, product photos, videoconferencing, and more. It is made of durable and tear-resistant seamless vinyl with a nonreflective matte finish that is easy to clean with a damp sponge for when you’re photographing food, pets, and children. You can use the X-Drop as a backdrop or floordrop, and it is outfitted with five grommets for mounting on the X-Drop stand system or hooks. More cost-effective and eco-friendly than a paper backdrop, it ships in a sturdy travel-friendly storage tube and rolls out flat for immediate use with no steaming required.

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