Westcott Scrim Jim 2-in-1 Silver/White Bounce Fabric (8×8)


A versatile two-sided reflective fabric, the Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Bounce Fabric from Westcott is compatible with 8 x 8′ Scrim Jim Cine frames and features a heavy-duty touch fastener lining for quick setup and convenient portability. This reversible fabric has both bright, cool silver and neutral white reflective sides, allowing you to quickly switch between applications. The silver bounce side adds bright, specular highlights and an overall cooling quality while the white side produces soft, natural looking highlights.

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  • Reversible fabric features a reflective silver side and a neutral white side.
  • Silver side produces cool, bright highlights with a distinct specular quality.
  • White side offers natural color rendition with bright, clean highlights.
  • Touch fastener lining permits quick installation and removal from 8 x 8′ Scrim Jim Cine frames.


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