Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Coupler



This is the Case Relay Camera Coupler which takes the place of your camera battery, allowing your camera to be constantly and continuously powered. It works in cooperation with the Case Relay Camera Power System to power your camera from an external battery or wall socket – you can even hot-swap external batteries to shoot for as long as you want. Using the Case Relay Camera Power System and the Rock Solid External Battery Pack, this system can provide up to 10 times more power to your camera. Enjoy more convenient power options by combining this Case Relay Camera Coupler with your Case Relay Camera Power System.

*Requires the seperately sold Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System


Relay Camera Coupler Compatible Manufacturer Battery
CRC400 Canon Battery BP-511A
CRCE5 Canon Battery LP-E5
CRCE6 Canon Battery LP-E6
CRCE8 Canon Battery LP-E8
CRCE10 Canon Battery LP-E10
CRCE15 Canon Battery LP-E12
CRCE18 Canon Battery LP-E17
CRW126 Fuji Battery NP-W126
CRN5 Nikon Battery EN-EL9a
CRN5A Nikon Battery EN-EL14A
CRN5B Nikon Battery EN-EL15
CRND4 Cable CRND4 compatible with Nikon EN-EL18
CRN5C Nikon Battery EN-EL24
CRBLN-1 Olympus Battery BLN-1
CRPBLE9 Panasonic Battery DMW-BLG10
CRPBLC12 Panasonic Lumix Battery DMW-BLC12
CRPBLF19 Panasonic Battery DMW-BLF19
CRSFW50 Sony Battery NP-FW50
CRNPFZ100 Sony NP-FZ100
CRCNPF Sony NP-F L Series Devices
CRL200 CRL200 for Sony


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