Sunbounce Boom-Stick Heavy Duty (2-Riser)


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Adding this Boom-Stick Heavy Duty (2-Riser) to your gear will allow lights or reflectors to be held up high for long periods of time. It’s an extendable pole that can grant your lighting equipment an epic reach. With its base resting on the ground, this pole will carry most of the weight, while you or your gaffer can easily control angle and position. For a more versatile and dynamic lighting setup, often desired by on-the-go professional cinematographers, here’s the Boom-Stick Heavy Duty (2-Riser). Order yours now.


Sections 4
Risers 3
Tube Housing Solid Aluminium Casting
Bushing for Screws Solid Steel
Screw-Handles Aluminium Casting
Grip Two 230mm Hand-Warmers
Base Tube Diameter 35mm
First Riser Diameter 30mm
Second Riser Diameter 25mm
Adjustment Riser Diameter 25mm
Wall-Thickness very unusual 1,5mm finest Aluminium
Usable length without Adjustment Riser 283cm
Adjustment Riser 22cm
Total usable Length 305cm


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