Savage Matte Black Vinyl Backdrop I 2.43m x 6.09m

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SIZE: 8′ x 20′ (2.43m x 6.09m)

Savage Matte Black Infinity Vinyl Background is a deep, rich black that creates a dramatic mood for portraits, advertising, and other commercial photography.

Savage Infinity Vinyls provide an ultra-smooth background with a matte finish. These heavy duty, premium backdrops work well with high-key lighting- the perfect choice for portrait and commercial studio photography. Easy to clean and wrinkle free, vinyl backdrops are a great investment for photographers who are looking for longevity and durability. If your shoot involves action shots, working with kids or animals, these strong vinyl backdrops are designed to take a hit! Simply wipe away the spills and the scuffs, and you’re ready for your next shot. Vinyl backdrops can hold up to anything a busy, hi-volume studio can throw at them.


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