RED DSMC3 RAPTOR Expander Blade

1x V-RAPTOR Expander Blade
1x Arca Plate

V-RAPTOR™ Expander Blade is designed to support professional shooting configurations. With options for video, power, and communication connections, including Genlock (BNC), Timecode 5-Pin, R/S (Run/Stop) 3-Pin, and RED CTRL 4-pin. The V-RAPTOR Expander Blade creates the flexibility to support a vast array of options when it comes to how users will rig their V-RAPTOR.

The V-RAPTOR™ Quick Release Platform Pack Arca Plate (included w/ Expander Blade) is required for the V-RAPTOR Expander Blade to attach to the camera.

NOTE: The V-RAPTOR Expander Module is not compatible with DSMC®, DSMC2®, RED RANGER® or KOMODO® camera systems.
NOTE: The 3-Pin Run/Stop connection is for trigger only & does not supply power.

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