Lightstar 6000W/9000W Gorgeous Parlight w/bulb (Demo)



[9K Bulb Included]

Utilizing a highly reflective parabolic interior, this 6000W/9000W HMI Light will project its glorious beam to illuminate any scene to the high standards of the professional filmmaker.

Its Fresnel lens ensures the light is enhanced but well-spread, evenly coating your subject in a bright light – perfect for production-level moviemaking.

Other features include:


Simple, ergonomic operation

Adjustable focus ranging between flood and spot projection


Compatible Lamp HMI 6KW/9KW 115V/200V G38/G38
Colour temperature 5600K
Dimensions 953Hx620Wx705L(mm)
Weight 40kg
UV Lens 420mm UV
IP Rating IP23
Compliance CE
Compatible Barndoors 508mm
Compatible Diffuser frame NONE
Compatible Stand LS-085
Compatible Electronic Ballasts EB 6KW/9KW
Compatible Extension cable 15m extension cable with Veam connector


Projection distance (m) 10 15 20
Spot: 15°
Output (Lux) 54000 22000 13000
Diameter (m) 2.2 3.5 5
Medium: 30°
Output (Lux) 30000 17000 6000
Diameter (m) 5 7.5 10
Flood: 56°
Output (Lux) 16000 9000 4000
Diameter(m) 8 12 15


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