Lightstar 575W Gorgeous Parlight Kit


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(Actual Product comes with Blue accent)

Utilizing a highly reflective parabolic interior, this 575W HMI Light will project its glorious beam to illuminate any scene to the high standards of the professional filmmaker.

Its Fresnel lens ensures the light is enhanced but well-spread, evenly coating your subject in a bright light – perfect for production-level moviemaking.

Other features include:


Simple, ergonomic operation

Adjustable focus ranging between flood and spot projection


Compatible Lamp HMI 575W/95V/G22
Colour temperature 5600K
Dimensions 490Hx268Wx340L(mm)
Weight 8kg
UV Lens 175mm UV
IP Rating IP23
Compliance CE
Compatible Barndoors 195mm
Compatible Diffuser frame NONE
Compatible Stand LS-5
Compatible Electronic Ballasts EB575W/1200W/1800W



EB 400W/575W

EB 200W/575W

Compatible Extension cable 7.5m or 15m



Projection distance (m) 3 5 8
Spot: 15°
Output (Lux) 53000 20000 8000
Diameter (m) 0.8 1 1.5
Medium: 30°
Output (Lux) 40000 16000 6500
Diameter (m) 1 1.5 2
Flood: 56°
Output (Lux) 24000 9300 3600
Diameter(m) 1.5 2 3


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