Lightstar 1200W/1800W Gorgeous Parlight Kit


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(Actual Product comes with Blue accent)

*Bulbs not included

This 1200W/1800W Gorgeous Parlight, utilizing its parabolic aluminium reflector, pumps out 5600K light over a distance of up to 13m with a spread of up to 15m. It combines the power of a spot light with the effect of a parabolic reflector to light up any scene, beautifully. With its adjustable focusing knob, it’s great light for any professional production. Order yours now.


1.2KW/1.8KW ParlightUV Lens

Lamps HMI 1.2KW/1.8KW 100V/128V G38/G38
Colour temperature 5600K
Dimensions 690Hx420Wx462L(mm)
Weight 16kg
UV Lens 250mm UV
IP Rating IP23
Compliance CE
Barndoors 345mm (4-leaf)
Diffuser frame NONE
Stand LS-5
Electronic Ballast EB 575W/1200W/1800W
Extension cable 7.5m or 15m extension cable with Veam connector


Photometric Data with 1800W Lamp

Projection distance (m) 7 10 13
Spot: 15°
Output (Lux) 13903 6813 4031
Diameter (m) 2.5 3.5 4.6
Medium: 30°
Output (Lux) 4765 2335 1382
Diameter (m) 5.1 7.3 9.5
Flood: 56°
Output (Lux) 1980 970 574
Diameter(m) 8.1 11.6 15.0


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