Lighstar LUXED 3 (540W LED LIGHT)


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The LUXED-3 is incredibly robust, versatile and well-built. With it you are ready to deal with every task and situation you are facing. Mounting is easy and safe. The aluminum casting frame allows you to mount the Lightstar LUXED-3 just anywhere you need it. All of the Lightstar LUXED lights are ready for flicker free highspeed shootings. The LUXED-3 comes with a yoke-mount for easy mounting. The slim structure of the LUXED-3 is perfect for stands in small areas. With only 11.5kg you will be able to use normal lighting stands for this light.


Description: Luxed-3 540W Bi-Color LED Light
Material: Aluminium Casting
Color Temperature: 2800-6500°K
Dimming: 0-100%
CRI / TLCI: >95 / >96
Rated Input: DC100-240V
Control: Control DMX 4-channel control per unit or LumenRadio
Frequency: 1-50Hz
Weight: 11.5kg
Dimensions: 1048x563x172m
IP Class: IP20


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