EIZO FlexScan EV2730Q Monitor

This EIZO FlexScan EV2730Q is a 26.5”, 1920×1920 professional LCD monitor that is perfect for professionals desiring a spacious display. A monitor of this size greatly increases work efficiency as less scrolls are needed to view more data. A standard Full HD monitor is usually 1920×1080 and this EV2730Q displays 78% more pixels than a standard Full HD monitor. Essentially, a full HD video can be played on the screen with plenty of space left to do other tasks.

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Designers will love the extra vertical space as an object can now be closely analysed without the top or bottom being cut off by the edges of the screen. Additionally, more layers and listed items can be seen at once.

Programmers will also appreciate the larger work space, permitting them to see all their work at the same time, eliminating the need to scroll.

This FlexScan EV2730Qis perfect for displaying DTP design, maps, graphs, web development, programming, two full HD videos, CAD projects, text editing, spreadsheets, e-mails, landscape photography, portrait photography and more.

The monitor is supported by a flexible stand for versatile positioning and, coupled with the monitor’s IPS panel, is easily viewed from 178 degrees. Energy-saving, this EV2730Q has a low power consumption and senses when you leave your workspace, switching to power save mode. The monitor turns back on when you return. With its flicker-free display and reduced blue light, this monitor minimizes eye-strain.

It hosts inputs for Dual link DVI, DisplayPort, 3.5mm stereo jack audio input, 3.5mm stereo jack audio output and two USBs.

If you’re a professional with the need for a spacious display, order this EIZO FlexScan EV2730Q today.


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