Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat Kit


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This Chimera OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat Kit I is the OctaPlus 57 Hi-Heat light bank (expandable from 5′ to 7′), constructed with heat-resistant material, making it possible to use a 3200W hot light, as opposed to a 1200W light in the standard OctaPlus 57.

This light bank requires an OP speed ring to adapt it to your particular strobe or hot light. Refer to the Accessories section. A 3770 stand adapter or other model stand adapter is also recommended for the larger models, so the weight of the light bank is not supported by the fixture.


  • Use Hot Light Up to 3200W
  • Use as 5′ or 7′ OctaPlus Light Bank
  • Very Even Light Spread
  • 0.2 F-Stop Light Fall-Off Center To Edge


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