CHIMERA Lightbank Video Pro Plus Shallow XS

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The Chimera Extra Small Shallow Video Pro Plus Softbox is designed for use with a broad light with a wide throw, such as a Tota light. With fabric rated for the heat of a continuous light up to 750 Watts, the Small Shallow Plus for Video applications is ideal for work in cramped interiors where medium softening of a broad light is desired.

The “Plus” designation of this softbox means the front face of the softbox is removable. Chimera makes different strengths of diffusion material for front face applications.



  • 16 x 22 x 12″ (40 x 56 x 30 cm)
  • Shallow Rectangle
  • Broad Lights up to 500 Watts
  • May be used with Strobes utilizing a protruding flashtube
  • 1.85 lb


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