CHIMERA Lightbank Super, Pro Plus

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Dramatically soften the light from your flash or strobe unit with this small 24 x 32″ Super Pro X Plus Lightbank from Chimera, which features a silver interior for maintaining light output and obtaining a slightly greater contrast light. The rectangular shape offers a classic look for use in a wide range of situations and for use as either a key for fill light. The softbox also offers a removable interior baffle and front diffuser panel for creating extremely soft lighting. This X Plus model offers a more form fitting design for the light, ensuring less light escapes from the rear of the modifier. Also, it can accept optional grids and can mount to a variety of different light types with many types of speed rings which are available separately


  • Softens Light from Strobe
  • Design Limits Light Spill
  • Removable Interior Baffle & Front Panel
  • Requires Speed Ring for Mounting


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