CHIMERA LED Lightbank, Flolight MB 1024

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The Chimera LED Lightbank for Flolight Microbeam 1024 1×1 and Dracast 1000 is an ingenious way to soften the output of LED fixture while controlling the light beam. A soft but directional source is the field of lighting’s Holy Grail. Previously, only expensive fabric grids or cumbersome metal grids got the job done but with the introduction of the “Lens Screen” for the LED Lightbank gives you beam angle control built right into the front face. The standard package comes with a 30 degree screen that absorbs 0.9 stops of light but there are also 5 degree and 3 x 30 degree options that absorb 0.1 and 0.7 stops respectively. The Chimera LED Lightbank is further proof that you can trust Chimera to think out of the box.


Shape Square
Interior Silver
Requires Speed Ring Yes, Included
Accepts Grids No
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle No
Light Loss 0.9 Stops
Rectangular Dimensions W: 14.6 x H: 14.6 x D: 7.0″ / W: 37.2 x H: 37.2 x D: 17.8 cm
Weight 1.0 lb / 453.6 g


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