broncolor Para 222 Kit without Adapter



Note: stand, lamp device and lamphead not included

The gaping 87” diameter of this Para 222 immediately gives the impression of a lighting system not to be reckoned with. It will astound you with its versatility.

With little competition this Para 222 will direct radiating light to cover the scene of any professional shoot. It’s heat-resistance allows for a tungsten light source of up to 2000W to be utilized on-set. The included focusing tube allows for control of illumination ranging from a strong wide area beam to a large soft cloud of wrapping light. The wide-open parabolic reflector pushes light fall-off to the extreme edges of the light beam. Comfortably coat your subjects in a smooth natural light or large but focused light.

Fully defocused, the reflector’s segments act as 24 parallel, evenly spread light sources, achieving a subject illumination that mimics the grace of natural light. You could even shoot from directly in front of the Para 222 as the light will wrap around you and continue to illuminate your subject.

Order this impressive Para 222 Kit today and outshine your competition.


Diameter 87″ (222 cm)
Heat Resistance Up to 2000 W tungsten
Interior Silver


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