broncolor Para 133 FT Kit


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Note: stand, lamp device and lamphead not included

This Para 133 FT kit is essentially the Para 133 HR kit but with a new focusing tube design that connects directly to the light source – while the Para F133 focusing tube requires an adapter to hold a lamp device.

With the 47″ diameter Para 133 HR reflector, you’ll be able to project a bright, gentle, wrap-around light onto your subject and scene. This light can be focused into a large, concentrated beam or defocussed, reflecting off the 24 silver, interior segments and covering you subject in a soft, even glow.

This is where the new FT focusing tube comes into play. It can be extended or retracted, shifting the lamp device to or from the centre of the reflector, adjusting the focus of the projected light. Illuminating scenes with anything from a strong wide beam to a large soft cloud of wrapping light. The wide-open parabolic reflector pushes light fall-off to the extreme edges of the light beam and its heat-resistance can withstand a tungsten lamp of up to 2000 W.

The FT focusing tube connects directly into one of the separately sold HMI or Tungsten FT lamp devices. The tube’s separately sold lamphead mounts to the back of the tube for control and power input. This kit will ensure setup is easier and a lot more efficient than before.

The design of this FT focusing tube eliminates the need for an adapter and is intended for continuous lighting purposes. If you shoot film or stills at a professional level then this kit, alongside the appropriate HMI kit is exactly what you need.


Max. Continuous Power Watts/ RMS 2000 W
Open Diameter (Front x Rear) 47 x 30″ (120 x 77 cm)
Closed Dimensions (WxHxD) 8 x 40″ (20 x 102 cm)
Weight 15.2 lb (6.9 kg)


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