broncolor Conical Snoot


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The Broncolor Conical Snoot is a light shaper that helps reduce the flash head’s beam angle for precision lighting. With an all-metal construction, the Conical Snoot fits all Broncolor lamp heads with a Pulso bayonet-style mount, including Siros, mobiLED, Litos, Pulso G, and Unilite heads.

Unlike barndoors or honeycomb grids, the Conical Snoot mounts directly to the head and uses its cone-like shape to reduce the beam able of the light to a small soft spot. The size of the spot can be changed by moving the lamp closer or further from the subject, and from a circle to oval shape by adjusting the angle.


Compatibility All Broncolor lamp heads with Pulso-style bayonet mounts including Siros, MobiLED, Minipuls, Minicom, Litos, Pulso, Unilite, Primo and Flashman
Material Aluminium
Mount Pulso bayonet mount
Dimensions ø 13.8 / 7.6 x 26.25 cm (5.4 / 2.9 x 10.3”)
Weight 0.7 lb / 350 g


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