Bright Tangerine Sony FX6 – Base Kit


1x Top Plate for Sony FX6

1x Left Field QR Baseplate for Sony FX6

1x Left Field Universal 15mm LWS Baseplate Core Mk II

1x Sony FX6 Riser for Left Field 15mm LWS Baseplate

1x Left Field ARRI-Style Dovetail Plate

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Mount your Sony FX6 with the LeftField system to set your camera on a 15mm LWS platform with a rigid top surface for mounting accessories.

Each Base kit comes with the Top Plate & LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate.

  • Provides a rigid surface for supporting accessories
  • Versatile mounting options with 1/4”, 3/8”, NATO, 8T points & QD sockets
  • Helicoil reinforced threads to prevent stripping and loosening over time
  • Patented Open•UP baseplate lets you easily lift off the camera from the dovetail
  • Sets the camera to 15mm LWS standards with support for rods & accessories


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