96″ x 96″ Scrim Jim Video Broadcast Kit


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The essential light control kit for filmmakers and cinematographers, the 96” Scrim Jim Video Broadcast kit includes an ultra-durable 96” x 96” Scrim Jim Frame, diffusion silk, black net panel, 2 Scrim Jim clamps, 2 grip heads, and a travel case.

A 96” x 96” 3/4-stop diffusion fabric is included in this kit for quick softening of harsh sunlight or studio light on-set. A 96″ x 96″ 3/4-stop black block netting is also included in this kit. Black block netting can cut unwanted lighting from a scene or and be used to separate backgrounds from foregrounds. 9 other fabrics are also available to tackle whatever lighting your shooting in.

The Scrim Jim’s durable frame is constructed with aircraft aluminum, which is both lightweight and tough. This modular system snaps together effortlessly and can create a 42” x 42” frame, 42” x 72” frame, a 72” x 72”, and a 96″ x 96″ frame. Durable hook-and-loop tape lines the frame, allowing for quick mounting of fabrics. This frame is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Materials: Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Nylon, Polyester, Silk
Packaged Length: 7.00 in. / 17.78 cm
Packaged Width: 44.00 in. / 111.76 cm
Packaged Height: 6.00 in. / 15.24 cm
Packaged Weight: 12.8 lbs. / 5.8 kg
Scrim Jim Size: X-Large (96″ x 96″)
Fabric Type: Diffusion, Net
Fabric Attachment: Hook & Loop
Diffuser Density: ¾-Stop


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