Lightstar LUXED 9 - 1620W LED Light
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The LUXED-9 from Lightstar Lights is a bi-color high output LED spotlight. It gives you amazing 13’200lux at 4m. The color temperature can be adjusted continuously between 2800K-6500K and dimming is adjustable from 0-100%.
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For the big jobs you need big lights, that’s when the LUXED-9 comes into play. It’s robust, versatile and gives you all the LUX you need. With the LUXED-9 you get incredible 13’200lux on 4m. Mounting is easy and safe. The high-quality aluminum casting frame allows you to mount the Lightstar LUXED-9 just anywhere you need it. All of the LUXED lights are also ready for flicker free highspeed shootings. The Lightstar LUXED-9 comes with a yoke-mount for easy mounting. The slim structure of the LUXED-9 is perfect for lighting stands in small areas and studios. The design of the lights is also optimized to be used as space light on set.
Description: LUXED-9 1620W Bi-Color LED Light
Material: Aluminium Casting
Color Temperature: 2800-6500°K
Dimming: 0-100%
CRI / TLCI: >95 / >96
Rated Input: DC 100-240V / A 48V
Control: Cable DMX 4-Channel control per unit or LumenRadio
Frequency: 1-50Hz
Weight: 39kg
Dimensions: 1256x1218x216mm
IP Class: IP20


1x Lamphead

1x Cable

1x Softbox

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