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C-Type Prints

#PHlab Silver-based Digital C-type prints are archival photographic prints, letting you capture and preserve the beauty of your photography.

We produce Fuji Crystal Archive Paper and Backlit Duratrans prints using the legendary 127cm wide Durst Lambda digital enlarger and Colex High Speed RA-4 processors.

Giclée Fine Art

The #PHlab giclée fine art printing service is for illustrators, painters and photographers looking for colour-perfect Giclée prints using the very latest technology.

We use a selected range of high quality sustainable archival art papers, from highly textured to smooth surfaces. Choose the substrate that suits your image ad requirements

Scanning & Repro

At #PHlab we are always looking for the best ways to digitise your photography and artwork for reproductions, archives, publications or whatever your needs.

We use the latest film and print scanners by Flextight, Hasselblad and Epson, and have studios and gear specifically for photographic reproductions of large scale artworks.

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