What light is one of the top news agencies using during the Football World Cup in Russia? Global Television network CCTV is relying on the Zylight F8-100 to get the job done for field and sideline reporting.

The Zylight F8 offers a great alternative to more cumbersome HMIs. With its innovative collapsible design, silent operation and durable build, the F8 provides all the power of a traditional HMI fresnel, but in a compact LED form.  This makes it ideal for news and broadcast on the move.

Zylight at the World Cup Soccer

Known as the 'Flat Fresnel', Zylight's F8 collapses to a compact size that is easy to transport and store. Zylight uses a clever concertina construction to keep the physical size of the light down. This innovative design means that you can move between flood and spot modes without the need for the light to be so large in size.

The famous F8 has all of the power and performance of a traditional HMI Fresnel but with the efficiency of LED technology. Zylight's quantum dot LED technology ensures a  cooler, more energy efficient light that achieves brilliant skin tones and accurate colour rendition. It is also equipped with ZyLink™ wireless technology.

Zylight F8-100Zylight F8-100 back



The fully dimmable F8-100 uses your standard AC power supply or 14.4V camera battery. It has the classic Fresnel beam shaping, and offers a patented focusing system for spot and flood operations. 

The F8's silent operation and low heat makes it ideal for studio use, draws only 90 watts and is water resistant.