Westcott has introduced their new Flex Cine lighting system with full RGBW capability. If you think that all this means is that RGB LEDs have been added to their old Flex lights, you’d be wrong. Wescott says that they have redesigned the lights from the ground up and added a wireless dimmer. Designed with filmmakers in mind, the Flex Cine LED mats produce a colour accurate output up to 97 CRI and 98 TLCI. These bi-colour mats offer precise colour temperature adjustment from 2800K to 6000K and everywhere in between.



Various brands of flexible LEDs have been around for a while, so what arguably sets the Flex Cine mats apart is what Westcott claims is the first smart dimmer designed for flexible LEDs. The new smart control system works via a wireless DMX dimmer that can be powered using V-Mount batteries, it also comes with an AC power supply and offers both DMX512 input/output 5-pin male/female XLR and wireless DMX capability. The controller comes complete with pre-loaded source-matching and around 120 colour gel presets. There is also an option to store your own defined presets. It is Compatible with the Luminair app for wireless control and advanced effects. dimming is possible to 1% without flicker up to 960fps. Using Wifi, you can control multiple dimmers simultaneously.


The new Cine LED mats are designed with the same quality we have come to expect from a Westcott Flex system. The cleverly designed 1/3" bendable surface of their mats can be concealed in tight spaces, mount virtually anywhere using the magnetic corners or metal grommets, and offers up to a 360-degree beam angle. These lightweight patented flexible mats are durable, water-resistant and quiet.

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