As a new addition to Westcott's Flex Cine system, Flex Cine StripMats feature high CRI LEDs with low heat and power consumption. These lightweight, malleable 1/3” mats are narrow and thin, offering you quality light with a rating up to 97 CRI and an adjustable full spectrum output. They have an adjustable light spread up to 360-degrees, and boast a water-resistance rating of IP64.

You can roll the mats, mount them to just about any metal surface using the magnetic back, or hang them using the metal grommets. They are perfect for travel, storage, lighting small cramped spaces, the options are limitless.

The Stripmats can be operated with the Flex Cine DMX Dimmer.



  • Up to 360° Beam Spread
  • Full Gamut Color Mixing
  • IP64 Waterproof
  • CRI: 97, TLCI: 98
  • Optional Wireless DMX
  • Optional Battery Power, AC Adapter
  • Reinforced Magnetic Corners
  • Includes Travel Case