With many of us working from home, you may be facing the dilemma of maintaining a professional workspace for video conferencing, training tutorials or branded videos, while at your kitchen table.


Video conferencing has become extremely popular, from meetings to online workshops, here are some basic tips for hosting a smooth and successful session:

1. Find even lighting. Eliminate strong window light or bright overhead light.

2. Use a natural, flattering camera angle. Too high or too low is uncomfortable for the viewer. Make sure you are looking directly into the camera.

3. Eliminate distracting backgrounds. Use a quality backdrop, not a wrinkled bed sheet.

4. Ensure you have clean audio. Use a microphone and test for volume and feedback. Set your cell phone to Do Not Disturb mode.

5. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

6. Share supporting documents (spreadsheets, images, PDFs, etc.) with attendees in advance.

7. Ask participants to mute their microphone when not speaking.

8. Engage viewers with open-ended questions, demonstrations, or giveaways – don’t be just a talking head.

9. When doing a demonstration, have all items within arm’s reach. Avoid having to move out of frame of the camera during the call.

10. Remember that you are always visible online during the call. For example, do not fiddle or use motions that may be distracting to others while someone else is talking.

Easy Work from Home Background and Lighting Setups

Maintain a professional, modern set for video conferencing, training or tutorial videos when working from home with an affordable background and one or two light setups. 



Create a professional background in any household with a backdrop that’s wrinkle-resistant. There are various inexpensive options for video backdrops like seamless paper and wrinkle-resistant polyester fabric. Savage seamless paper offers the most diverse range of options to suit your image. This smooth backdrop paper is a cost-effective way to turn a messy room into a clean studio look.

How to Set Up and Use a Seamless Paper Backdrop:

Achieving the look of a professional setup for home videos does not require an expensive and expansive gear list. Consider a roll of cost-effective Savage Seamless Paper to create your perfect setup! 

Seamless paper comes on a cardboard core, allowing for easy installation on a backdrop stand. If you have the space for a stand, we recommend purchasing this dynamic duo together.


Don’t have room for a backdrop stand in your bedroom? Have no fear, there are multiple ways to use seamless background paper without a stand. Cut off just enough paper to fill the video frame and tape it to your wall, or stand your paper up vertically and roll the paper out horizontally.


Or you can lay your seamless paper roll on the ground, and pull the paper up high onto the wall and tape at the top! Once you are finished filming, you can re-roll the paper, store it away and reuse it next time!


Use colour to create an online identity– bright and wacky colours vs. dark hues vs. pastels and natural tones convey quite different appeals. Assess things like your personality, your focus and topics, as well as who your intended audience is and what they are most receptive to, and choose an appropriate colour/pattern.

You also want to make sure you look good in your videos. Choose a colour that complements your skin tones.


Choose a Simple Lighting Setup:

An LED ring light makes it easy to match any ambient lighting while providing very smooth, even lighting on your face and workspace.  You could also consider the convenience of a compact palm-sized LED video light.

If you're looking for something a little more powerful, an LED light panel or 2 light location kit will do the job superbly.


Digitise Your Environment with Green Screen Technology:

Transport your bedroom office to anywhere in the world with a green screen backdrop and green screen compatible video software. 

 Tech Green Seamless paper is a special chroma green shade that’s ideal for green screen applications, though the bright green hue also pairs well for vibrant head shots and summer sessions.